To be or not to be…

A few days ago I was having a wonderful catch up conversation with a dear friend, C.  C ,who also turned 50 this year, has become empty nester and she is embracing her new life wholeheartedly. So much so that she was late for work 3 times out of a five day work week because of peacefully oversleeping! That’s my girl!!!

As we continued to chat, my mind began to drift to our plight as women.  Women regardless of race, nationality, or marital status are conditioned to wear multiple hats… chef, nanny, house keeper, doctor, moral compass, spiritual guide, wage earner…all while maintaining our “eye candy” status. And the world be damned if we drop the ball on one of these important jobs.  We are groomed to be selfless. We are reared to be everything to everyone except OURSELVES. I frown at the thought.

I remember a quote I heard long ago “Men may work from sun to sun, but a woman’ s work in NEVER done.” I existed under this mantra until my beautiful daughter became grown & gone (insert an Irish jig).  After I deemed her a responsible adult, I hopped in my SUV, got a mani/pedi and proceeded to buy out the entire mall.  I have not looked back since!

To be or not to be SELFISH that is the question.  I believe women have to selfish at times to remain selfless.  Listen, I do not suggest that you follow my lead and go insane. However, I do think a girl’s night out, a vacation, spa day, or quite night alone is due considering all the irons women have in the fire. Remember Lavish Lovelies, if you are not at your best you can not give your best. Now…go forth and indulge in a nice massage (ALONE).



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Windows of the Style

If the eyes are the windows of the soul…then surely the eyebrows have to be the windows of the style.

This favorite was sparked by a conversation at work.  My teacher pal, B,  asked my about my eyebrows, how do the look like that, and what do I use?  As we began we began to converse, we both realized that I am OBSESSED with a perfectly coiffed brow.  So obsessed… that in the middle of our talk…I literally ran out of her classroom and went to the store to get her started on the path of brow lavishness .  When I returned I immediately began with my version of a tutorial.  We even joked that this could put on my blog (well one of us was joking… the other was thinking).  Care to guess which one was which?

I remember when one of my nieces was born and grew into a young girl she acquired  the most unruly and disrespectful eyebrows EVER.  A constant family statement was “Sweetheart, fix your brows.” She would promptly smooth them with her tiny finger and continue with whatever she was destroying previously.  I must admit eyebrows were not top of beauty list UNTIL I looked at old photos and those brows looked very sad to be on attached to my face.  Sorry brows for how I neglected you…please forgive me.

Once I realized the error of my ways, I went on an eyebrow beautification mission.  Getting to tools was easy…the difficult part was the application.  Oh Boy! Sometimes those babies looked angry, melancholy, surprised or in a constant state of confusion. Not to mention it took forever  to make them absolutely perfect.  Then many years later, that same niece made a statement that changed the relationship between me and my eyebrows.  She professed “Auntie, eyebrows are meant to be SISTERS not TWINS.” That girl saved my live and a 20 hour morning routine with that one declaration. Who knew the eyebrow Gods would speak through my brother’s daughter?!

You know by now that my “favorites” are really my “obsessions” and of course I have MANY tools for two things that make up a small portion of our beautiful faces. However, I have narrowed these tools down to a few tried and true favs that eagerly wait every morning to be used. By no means, am I the “eyebrow whisperer” but I have come a LONG way baby!  By the way B., thank you for sparking this favorite and I can’t way to see your perfectly coiffed brows very soon!


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Compliment those lovely brows with some beautiful lashes?!




Plan a Fashion Party!!

Don’t you just love to attend a great event?!

I must say I am now beginning to appreciate the fun of a nice gathering.  Husband, on the other hand, LIVES for a good party.  I call him a socialite…yes, a socialite because he loves to mingle and hob knob (minus the little black dress) with whomever is gathering  and where ever they are gathering.  He wants to see and be seen!

Any wonderful event takes a great amount team work before to make the final production to appear seamless. Throughout my 5 glorious decades, I have planned many a party, gathering, and festivity. Most of time the planning for these events was wonderful.  However, there have been a few times when I was secretly devising my route of escape from the mayhem.  I have determined- the level of awesomeness during the planning determines the level of awesomeness of the event.  During event planning, people of many shades, strengths, and walks of life come together for a common goal…ensuring that all who attend leave saying “Oh my God, that was sooooo much fun!”

I think of fashion as a body party!  As I plan my ensembles, I take items of different colors, materials, and textures put them together for one common goal…to create an outfit that says “Oh my goodness, I am so cute!” Fashion is made of individual pieces that alone are cute but when joined with other equally cute pieces…the fashion festival could be off the charts! How many times have you taken things in your closet that seem not to go together, BUT when put together for one common goal (your lavishness) the results are spectacular.  Can you see the analogy between wardrobe planning and planning an event, party, or shower?

Think of the planning for your next outfit as if you are planning for a party.  Bringing different things together for a common purpose can yield super fun results.  AND just like any event planning, if it is not a great success the first time, do not throw in the towel. Just as in life, it takes a while to get used to working with people who do not exactly match; so keep trying!  Now, be forewarned! Husband will not be interested in attending your fashionable body party, however; any other event you are having…my socialite will be ready and willing to add to the fun! Please.. do not disturbed by the Crocs on his feet.

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Ladies, clutch your….clutch

Aww, Summer.  This is the season of lightness, ease and minimalism. “Less is more” is the mantra of this beloved season and this anthem applies to everything including accessories. My favorite summer accessory of the moment, the clutch purse, embodies the easy breezy vibe of summer.

Actually, this favorite is a flash back of days long ago.  I had a love affair with clutches before the “Bigger the Better” purse train rolled through.  I hopped on that train and did not look back.  After all, how could I fancy myself a style maven and not obey the rules of fashion (I am laughing along with you at that statement)? I digress…back to the purse train.

After the style gods alerted me that width and length must be added to my handbags, I discarded my clutches like a bad habit.  I went to many weddings and other social events with purses that could have been considered a Plus 1.  I look at old photos and there we are…ME and PURSE (front and center) then poor husband’s shirt sleeve ( far right).  So sad. So awful. So funny.

I ask my more evolved self, “What lady would attend a special event without a spectacular clutch in tow?!”  What was I thinking…well, apparently I wasn’t.

Praise the HEAVENS that I decided to live by my own lavish standards (fashion and otherwise). So now, I have begun to resuscitate my left for dead clutches, purchase new ones to cuddle under my arm, and am on the search for more to join the  adoring closet family.


My very first designer clutch. Old faithful!

I love the clasp detail on this cutie.

This one has been everywhere this summer

I am absolutely obsessing over the following two.  They SHALL be mine one day…

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