It Wins Everytime…


My best friend and I recently spent the weekend together.  Bestie and I have been together for almost three decades.  We pride ourselves on having some “us” time every year.  Since this year has a crazy wonderful rollercoaster ride, we decided to meet in a halfway city and have an extended sleepover.  We went to a movie (which we discovered we had never done), ate ourselves into a coma, and flexed our shopping muscles at the local malls. We really became tickled when we realized we were dating for the weekend.

As Bestie and I were talking and waiting for a particular parking space at an outdoor retail heaven, there was a car of young women waiting to park, as well.  The young lady driver made a gesture that indicated to me that we could have the recently vacated parking space. We pulled in the space and the car of young passengers SPED off in a huff to locate another space.  For a second, Bestie and I looked at each perplexed and then burst out laughing.  OOPS!! I misread her gesture. After the laughter, I began to feel a bit guilty.

The younger me would have not given a second thought about taking that parking space; I would thought I had made a marvelous move.  As I reflect, I would have made a fantastic addition to the Bad Girls Club.  However, the more evolved me tries to live my life through kindness, humility and grace.  The parking lot fiasco sparked a conversation between bestie and me.  We discussed how we used to love to be confrontational, aggressive, and sometimes down right mean.  Back then, I was willing and ready to snap my neck, roll my eyes , and spit out profanities in rapid succession.  Oh boy! I prided myself on the compound curse words I would create.  No one was off limits. Husband, neighbors, retailers, waitresses, dogs, cats, or goldfish…all of them were one second from experiencing my wrath.   Ahhh…young foolish me (I am cringing right now)! And to apologize for my behavior…NEVER.  As a matter of fact, I thought I was owed an apology because of the energy I had to exert.  Youth and ignorance are bliss!

Now that I am a true adult, I realize to be gracious in all situations is an art and a sign of maturity.  I once thought to be taken seriously, I had to be aggressive.  I wanted people to think “Don’t mess with her because she means business.” The actual truth was that some chose not to interact with me because I was a nicely dressed cussing CRAZY mess.

Now, please do not assume that I am a rug waiting to treaded upon. I am an educator, so therefore; I am not weak (shot out to the teachers of the world). I now realize that I can clearly get my point across while leaving myself and the person I am speaking to with dignity…even through the most difficult conversations.

As I continue to mature, I desire to be known as a woman who is kind, sympathetic, elegant, trustworthy, and gracious who takes care of business.  Lavish lovelies, we can strong without being mean and crass. Always, remember KINDNESS wins EVERYTIME.

And to the vehicle full of young shoppers (if you are reading this), my apologies for misreading your gesture.  I didn’t have my “old lady” glasses on.  I thought you were saying “Go Ahead” instead of “Go Away”.  Maybe our paths will cross again and I will happily give up the parking space that we are both vying for because my more lavish behavior dictates that I do.


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Mad Hatter!

I am obsessed with HATS. All types..All shapes…for all seasons.

Let’s  look at the definition of a hat. It is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against the elements, ceremonial reasons, religious reasons, safety, or as a fashion accessory. Now, do you care to guess which reason I wear it? Yep, you are right…FASHION!

I have a small head or as my students would refer to it as petite. My head has been a peanut long before the Zeka virus became public news, so I think I need to place a call to my mother to inquire how I obtained this compact cranium.  When I would see a lavish lovely rocking a fedora through the mall or enjoying the outside in a wide brimmed floppy hat…I would become green with envy.  “Life is not fair” I would scream out in my tiny think tank. Surely, I would not have to shop at Baby Gap for my toppers!

I went on a feverous search to find my perfect noggin covers.  During my search, I discovered there are hats for a girl like me.  YAY! I will take 25 in each style in a different colors… Please and Thank you.  No not really…just 5 of each. (do you hear my chuckling?)

There must have been a public out cry from the little head ladies of the world because hat makers have begin to add draw strings in the interior to adjust the width.  So you know, I did a praise dance the aisles of T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s,  H&M, Whitehouse Blackmarket and all the others that accept American currency!

Here are some of my favorite hat looks.  I will continue to pick up head cover here and there to style and profile…because now I can!