Hop in a Jumpsuit!

I hope all is beautiful, Lavish Loves!

Let’s talk about favorites.  My favorite obsession is a favorite every glamorous girl I know…the almighty jumpsuit.  Who in the world does not love a good jumpsuit?  An all in one ensemble…the woman’s version of an infant onesie!  Every woman I know has at least one in her closet.  But of course, you know I own a few more (Uggghhh..ME).  Note to self…I need to get an accurate count when husband is out of the house (Hee Hee).

The jumpsuit was originally a one piece garment designed for skydivers or parachuters, but low and behold, the gender that runs the world got wind of this idea (we make everything better).  Then this article of clothing morphed into a simple, chic, and fashionable must have (insert an AMEN).  There are so many variations of this piece of clothing; different arm/pant lengths and widths, multiple materials, and an abundance of embellishments.  Also, they are extremely budget friendly.  There is a jumpsuit out there tailored every lavish liking.  Therefore, is absolutely no reason not to own one or MANY.

So next time that you and your youngin need to get out of the house in a hurry, grab a onesie for the baby and one for yourself.  I promise you will be glamorously on the road in micro seconds!

Until the next time, have a great week and remain Lavish!

Jumpsuits~ Black (Trina Turk) // Blue (Ebay) //Pink (Asos) //Blue Paisley (H&M)

Links for my favorite places to purchase :  ASOS , H&M , MICHAEL KORS and TJ MAXX


My Companion’s Name is Louis

My favorite has been and will always be one of my favorites.  Actually, it is a every day staple.  My life would be quite sad if I did not have my constant companion by my side. This companion’s name is Louis…to be exact Louis Vuitton.  Louis has been with me through so much.  Good times…there is good ole Louis to join in the laughs.  Trying times…Louis is readily available with a tissue, pain reliever, or a sleeping pill.  Husband does not quite understand how Mr. Vuitton fits into our retirement plan; therefore, he is not impressed (insert confused emoji face).  I do not understand how hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers fit either (insert indifferent emoji).

I have a complete come apart when I see the letter “L” and “V” combined…kind of looks like an ugly cry.  Remember, no judgement  here!  Louis Vuitton is known for crafting beautiful handbags; however, my love extends way past purses.  I adore everything this fashion house creates.  Handbags, luggage, scarves, shoes, planners, sunglasses…the list is endless (just as I would like collection to be).

Husband and I have had serious discussions about my relationship with Louis and his shrinking space in our closet.  Well, he is talking and I am admiring my stuff, sooooooo, the conversation is always a tad bit one sided.  By the end of husband’s soliloquies, Louis and I conclude that we need our tiny house.  However, if I had to choose between my two men, I would choose husband every time…but Lord I pray I never have to!!!

I am not sure why I love Louis Vuitton as much as I do.  If we could control who we love…life would be so uncomplicated and since I can not control my adoration, I will continue to keep my companion close at all times.

Until the next time, have a great week and remain LAVISH!

*Link to a great youtube video and Louis Vuitton website.



You Get a Scarf…You Get a Scarf…You Get a Scarf

Hello Ole Lavish Ones!

My obsession this season is everyone’s obsession.  Scarves, scarves and more scarves.  These accessories are a staple in for any woman in the fall and winter months…rightfully and fashionably so.

The origin of the scarf was to clean one’s self rather than to keep warm. They were worn by male soldiers to wipe the sweat off their face and necks during hot weather.  Hmmmm…it seems that all accessories were first designed for men; however, women took over and make them incredibly fabulous (just another example of Girl Power)! So fashionable and versatile these pieces of cloth are. They are worn for warmth, cleanliness, religion, or just plain style.  Whether you choose to rock it around your neck, on your head, around your waist, tied to a belt or handbag, used a shirt or sarrong…Girl,  it is all good!

Just as everything I love, I have way too many (yes, I admit it…LOL). But scarves are an investment and not an expense; they will never go out of style. That is my truth and I am sticking with it. Oooo Husband, I hope you are listening!

Do yourself a favor, make it a point this week to add a couple of scarves to your ensemble.  You will love yourself for it and others will be in awe of your style! Remember… No matter why you wear it or how you rock it, wear it with confidence while ALWAYS channeling your inner lavish.

Below are photos of me and some of the ways I have worn my scarves.  Also, there are links on how to tie them and other amazing ways to design them.

Until next time, have a great week and remain lavish!

25 Ways to Tie a scarf || 20 Ways to wear and tie your scarf ||15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

Let’s Spice it Up!

Hello Lavish Lovelies! I know…I know. It has been a long time since I posted my favorites.  Don’t be too hard on me.  Hopefully, this will make up for the time we have been apart.

This favorite is an every time and all time obsession. I use it when I want to add a tad bit of spice to an ensemble.  This small piece of art can produce enormously beautiful results.  It comes in all colors, shapes, and designs. The price can take a couple bucks from your pocket or a large chunk from your savings. It can be stunningly simple or mesmerizingly complex.  By simply attaching this to your clothing, you can turn an outfit from Blah to Bling or morph a thrift find to runway couture.

What is this fabulous accessory…you ask?! It is a BROOCH! Oh how I love these things!  You can wear them in various ways to bring an instant slap of glamour to any outfit.  Brooches are also known as pins and fibulas.  They can be worn on a hat, attached to a sweater, fastened to a shirt collar, secured in fancy updo…the possibilities are ENDLESS.  Whatever you call them or choose to put them, there is no denying they are magnificent.

These photos are of my collection of my slice of accessory heaven. I have also provided a link to creative ideas on how maximize your styling spice.

Until we meet again…have a great week and remain LAVISH!


How to style your brooch: CLICK HERE or HERE

Mad Hatter!

I am obsessed with HATS. All types..All shapes…for all seasons.

Let’s  look at the definition of a hat. It is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against the elements, ceremonial reasons, religious reasons, safety, or as a fashion accessory. Now, do you care to guess which reason I wear it? Yep, you are right…FASHION!

I have a small head or as my students would refer to it as petite. My head has been a peanut long before the Zeka virus became public news, so I think I need to place a call to my mother to inquire how I obtained this compact cranium.  When I would see a lavish lovely rocking a fedora through the mall or enjoying the outside in a wide brimmed floppy hat…I would become green with envy.  “Life is not fair” I would scream out in my tiny think tank. Surely, I would not have to shop at Baby Gap for my toppers!

I went on a feverous search to find my perfect noggin covers.  During my search, I discovered there are hats for a girl like me.  YAY! I will take 25 in each style in a different colors… Please and Thank you.  No not really…just 5 of each. (do you hear my chuckling?)

There must have been a public out cry from the little head ladies of the world because hat makers have begin to add draw strings in the interior to adjust the width.  So you know, I did a praise dance the aisles of T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s,  H&M, Whitehouse Blackmarket and all the others that accept American currency!

Here are some of my favorite hat looks.  I will continue to pick up head cover here and there to style and profile…because now I can!


Windows of the Style

If the eyes are the windows of the soul…then surely the eyebrows have to be the windows of the style.

This favorite was sparked by a conversation at work.  My teacher pal, B,  asked my about my eyebrows, how do the look like that, and what do I use?  As we began we began to converse, we both realized that I am OBSESSED with a perfectly coiffed brow.  So obsessed… that in the middle of our talk…I literally ran out of her classroom and went to the store to get her started on the path of brow lavishness .  When I returned I immediately began with my version of a tutorial.  We even joked that this could put on my blog (well one of us was joking… the other was thinking).  Care to guess which one was which?

I remember when one of my nieces was born and grew into a young girl she acquired  the most unruly and disrespectful eyebrows EVER.  A constant family statement was “Sweetheart, fix your brows.” She would promptly smooth them with her tiny finger and continue with whatever she was destroying previously.  I must admit eyebrows were not top of beauty list UNTIL I looked at old photos and those brows looked very sad to be on attached to my face.  Sorry brows for how I neglected you…please forgive me.

Once I realized the error of my ways, I went on an eyebrow beautification mission.  Getting to tools was easy…the difficult part was the application.  Oh Boy! Sometimes those babies looked angry, melancholy, surprised or in a constant state of confusion. Not to mention it took forever  to make them absolutely perfect.  Then many years later, that same niece made a statement that changed the relationship between me and my eyebrows.  She professed “Auntie, eyebrows are meant to be SISTERS not TWINS.” That girl saved my live and a 20 hour morning routine with that one declaration. Who knew the eyebrow Gods would speak through my brother’s daughter?!

You know by now that my “favorites” are really my “obsessions” and of course I have MANY tools for two things that make up a small portion of our beautiful faces. However, I have narrowed these tools down to a few tried and true favs that eagerly wait every morning to be used. By no means, am I the “eyebrow whisperer” but I have come a LONG way baby!  By the way B., thank you for sparking this favorite and I can’t way to see your perfectly coiffed brows very soon!


The cast of characters. All except lashes and concealer can be purchased at Ulta Beauty.

MAC Concealer can be picked up HERE.

Lashes can be purchased HERE or HERE.

Other fantastic brow products and palettes… HERE, HERE, & HERE

I lighten my brows…I swear by this.

These are used for filling in and taking away any of those stray hairs.


Compliment those lovely brows with some beautiful lashes?!




Ladies, clutch your….clutch

Aww, Summer.  This is the season of lightness, ease and minimalism. “Less is more” is the mantra of this beloved season and this anthem applies to everything including accessories. My favorite summer accessory of the moment, the clutch purse, embodies the easy breezy vibe of summer.

Actually, this favorite is a flash back of days long ago.  I had a love affair with clutches before the “Bigger the Better” purse train rolled through.  I hopped on that train and did not look back.  After all, how could I fancy myself a style maven and not obey the rules of fashion (I am laughing along with you at that statement)? I digress…back to the purse train.

After the style gods alerted me that width and length must be added to my handbags, I discarded my clutches like a bad habit.  I went to many weddings and other social events with purses that could have been considered a Plus 1.  I look at old photos and there we are…ME and PURSE (front and center) then poor husband’s shirt sleeve ( far right).  So sad. So awful. So funny.

I ask my more evolved self, “What lady would attend a special event without a spectacular clutch in tow?!”  What was I thinking…well, apparently I wasn’t.

Praise the HEAVENS that I decided to live by my own lavish standards (fashion and otherwise). So now, I have begun to resuscitate my left for dead clutches, purchase new ones to cuddle under my arm, and am on the search for more to join the  adoring closet family.


My very first designer clutch. Old faithful!

I love the clasp detail on this cutie.

This one has been everywhere this summer

I am absolutely obsessing over the following two.  They SHALL be mine one day…

Affordable clutches for all occasions. Shop Here, Here, and Shop Here

Luxury clutches for all occasions: Shop Here and Shop Here



Pretty You…Comfy Feet

One of my favorite obsessions of the moment (errr…life time) are slippers.  Now, of course, it would not be lavish of me to be fond of any old slipper.  I am in love with Pretty You London slippers! My grandmother calls them house shoes…my niece, bedroom shoes. I have no cares about how they are referred; I just know they are magnificently gorgeous.  Now, me being me, I could not just have one pair. I needed the slipper Gods to rain down multiple pairs! And they did!

Every lavishly living girl out there should slip her perfectly pedicured toes into lap of feet luxury (at least once).

Pretty…check      Comfy…check      Price….ummm, you decide.  I decided YES!


Slippers -Pretty You London, Here

White Flower Toe Post– Orla, Pink BowToe Post-Amelia,  Black Mule-Jasmin, Cream Toe Post– Elle Cream

Cat eyes are not just for felines

I know that I have a ton of favorite things.  However, what I did not realize is that my favorites are things that I have more than one of.   So, I have surmised that my favorite things should be called items I am OBSESSED with (husband would totally agree).

At the moment, my favorite obsession are cat eyed sunglasses.  They are super fun, come in many designs, and never go out of style.  Now as I think about it…my cat eyed sunglass obsession is a good thing because I can wear them forever. Therefore, these are an investment!  I will relay this epiphany to husband; I am sure he will see it my way.

Add the perfect exclamation point to your summer ensemble with a pair of these type sunnies.  You will not regret it!


3rd Photo- Michael Kors Abela III Here and Similar Here, 4th Photo- Prada (old) Similar Here, 5th Photo – Dolce and Gabbana HereHere and Here,

6th Photo -Tiffany & Co (old)  Similar Here