Ladies, clutch your….clutch

Aww, Summer.  This is the season of lightness, ease and minimalism. “Less is more” is the mantra of this beloved season and this anthem applies to everything including accessories. My favorite summer accessory of the moment, the clutch purse, embodies the easy breezy vibe of summer.

Actually, this favorite is a flash back of days long ago.  I had a love affair with clutches before the “Bigger the Better” purse train rolled through.  I hopped on that train and did not look back.  After all, how could I fancy myself a style maven and not obey the rules of fashion (I am laughing along with you at that statement)? I digress…back to the purse train.

After the style gods alerted me that width and length must be added to my handbags, I discarded my clutches like a bad habit.  I went to many weddings and other social events with purses that could have been considered a Plus 1.  I look at old photos and there we are…ME and PURSE (front and center) then poor husband’s shirt sleeve ( far right).  So sad. So awful. So funny.

I ask my more evolved self, “What lady would attend a special event without a spectacular clutch in tow?!”  What was I thinking…well, apparently I wasn’t.

Praise the HEAVENS that I decided to live by my own lavish standards (fashion and otherwise). So now, I have begun to resuscitate my left for dead clutches, purchase new ones to cuddle under my arm, and am on the search for more to join the  adoring closet family.


My very first designer clutch. Old faithful!

I love the clasp detail on this cutie.

This one has been everywhere this summer

I am absolutely obsessing over the following two.  They SHALL be mine one day…

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