Dance… like everyone is looking!

While driving along, have you ever looked to the right or left and seen arms flailing, head bobbing, and facial gestures that looked too hilarious for words? That was probably me driving along aside of you.  I was singing and driver’s seat dancing (just in case you did not recognize what it was).

I LOVE to dance.  Standing up, sitting down, in my office, in my head…anywhere there is music.  I have danced backup for Janet Jackson and Beyonce (now, that is in my head…Hee…Hee). Dancing is a release, my form of exercise, and doing it gives me immense joy!  I am free when I dance.  Am I any good? I don’t know…it depends on who you ask?  If you ask yours truly, I say…”Yep”

The person who fostered my love for dance was my mother.  I vividly remember her dancing with my sister, brother, and me.  It brings a smile to my face as I remember her grabbing my hand and we would do the Chicago slide.  Our bodies would twirl and dip as her afro and my tiny ponytails would follow. Many years later,  I would take my beautiful daughter’s hand and we would slide across the kitchen floor.  I would teach her what my mama taught me.

This is not intentional…it was just something my entire family does.  We dance!  We talk loud, we laugh loud, and we dance loud.   Any time we are together, insert music, dancing, and laughing until we literally pass out from happy exhaustion. We dance because we are happy…we dance because we love each other…we dance because when we had nothing or no one else…we had each other.

I am going to home state for Thanksgiving.  My whole family will be there, as we are every Thanksgiving.  You already know what is going to happen…we are going to cut a serious rug.  And while the turkey is baking and the dressing is being mixed, I am gonna grab my mama’s hand so we can twirl and swing while everyone is looking….because she gave me the permission and the ability to truly embrace all that I am (flaws and all)!

The next time you hear a catchy tune, don’t just sit there! Flail those arms, bob that head, and dance backup for your favorite singer! Dance, get lost, and for a moment enjoy being your wonderful amazingly authentic self.

This thrifted bracelet was a gift from heaven.  I has my mother’s, my daughter’s, and my birthstone in it.  Homage to two of the people I love most.



Dress~ Nalu Boutique HERE // Shoes ~ Zara HERE // Bracelet ~ (Thrifted)  SIMILAR HERE



5 thoughts on “Dance… like everyone is looking!

  1. Girl you know we love to dance. God gave us Freedom in Dancing. It is a joyful expression of who we are and can turn an ugly situation beautiful from the inside out. It lightens the load.

  2. Wow… dancing is definitely a family favorite for us. We often compete against one another, daughters with mothers or sister against the daighters. We use props, (the hair brush as a mic, the chair for our flexible moments, or the couch as our stage) we, dance inside or outside and we have even pushed the turkey to the side and danced on the table….ha ha….we Dance and Sang Honty (in my Madea voice) Now, Ms Lavish Cafe left out the most important part… She is ALWAYS in charge of the dance performances. This includes the type of dance, the music, the location, and even the timing. It is what my daughter (her niece) calls “Structured Fun”. But the Exhilaration is Amazing!!! So Yes Babe, We Dance…We Sang…and We Laugh!!! Thank you so much for reminding me of how much fun we have. I love you and anxiously await that moment we spend together and do it all again. . SEE YOU SOON SIS. ♡♡♡♡

  3. To dance is so much freedom and the good part you have own favorite step that no one does like or u think LOL removes stress from life great blog

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