You Get a Scarf…You Get a Scarf…You Get a Scarf

Hello Ole Lavish Ones!

My obsession this season is everyone’s obsession.  Scarves, scarves and more scarves.  These accessories are a staple in for any woman in the fall and winter months…rightfully and fashionably so.

The origin of the scarf was to clean one’s self rather than to keep warm. They were worn by male soldiers to wipe the sweat off their face and necks during hot weather.  Hmmmm…it seems that all accessories were first designed for men; however, women took over and make them incredibly fabulous (just another example of Girl Power)! So fashionable and versatile these pieces of cloth are. They are worn for warmth, cleanliness, religion, or just plain style.  Whether you choose to rock it around your neck, on your head, around your waist, tied to a belt or handbag, used a shirt or sarrong…Girl,  it is all good!

Just as everything I love, I have way too many (yes, I admit it…LOL). But scarves are an investment and not an expense; they will never go out of style. That is my truth and I am sticking with it. Oooo Husband, I hope you are listening!

Do yourself a favor, make it a point this week to add a couple of scarves to your ensemble.  You will love yourself for it and others will be in awe of your style! Remember… No matter why you wear it or how you rock it, wear it with confidence while ALWAYS channeling your inner lavish.

Below are photos of me and some of the ways I have worn my scarves.  Also, there are links on how to tie them and other amazing ways to design them.

Until next time, have a great week and remain lavish!

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