Hash It Out or Hush It Up?

Hello Lavish Ones!!!!

I am having a debate with one of my friend girls (that is my grandmother’s word for…girlfriends).  We are discussing whether it is better to “hash it out” after an argument/disagreement or to completely hush.  Friend Girl says “talking it out” is the only way to truly solve an issue plus it limits the possibility of creating a larger problem. She thinks hashing it out right then and there with no time lapse is the answer!

Of course, this would be too easy if I agreed with her.  There would be nothing to write about!

My stance is to go COMPLETELY mute (Insert Husband’s eye roll).  But that is the nature of my personality…I am an internalizer. I believe one should hush until ALL hearts and minds are clear (Southern church talk y’all…Hallelujah).  Then the pathway to clarity can begin. Cooler heads always prevail.

Amazingly, Friend Girl and I both agree one thing. The amount of passion used to resolve a conflict is dependent on how much you value the relationship and visa versa.  The desired result should not just to be proven right or seen in a positive light.

Sadly, some relationships add no value to your world and it is best to say your peace…with silence.  Let them see your lavishly detailed back as you move forward.

How you choose to settle uncomfortable situations with another is totally up to you. But…ALWAYS….do it with respect.

Are you a hasher or a husher?  Whatever you are…ALWAYS REMAIN LAVISH!



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3 thoughts on “Hash It Out or Hush It Up?

  1. Great read! I’m definitely a hasher that recently turned into a husher. I’ve learned that sometimes things will work themselves out. We just have to pray about it, give it time, and have faith that God will guide our next steps. This way everything is done in love!

  2. Hey RIB,
    You already know, I’m a husher until I’m moved to speak-“Silence is Golden”; then…”Well, Alright Then”-Ha!

    As always (friend girl), love the style! The read was nice, too! LOL

  3. I randomly stumbled across your blog– loved the read 🙂 I am more of a hasher, but at times can be a husher, depends on the circumstance and my mood lol Keep writing! Regards!

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