Do Not Forget About Your White Pumps.

Happy Summer Lavish Ones!

I am sure that you have pulled out all of your lovely bright white maxi dresses, tank tops, halters, shorts, and accessories.  Well, while you are getting all of your beautiful whites out, do not forget about your white pumps.

I never gave much thought to anything white below the ankle (excluding a great white sneaker).  I often equated white pumps to my high school graduation.  We were mandated to wear them or we would NOT prance across that stage.  I am from Texas, so we do everything big or go home (figuratively and literally).

I am not sure when my feet began to tingle at the thought of white pumps.  Was it a gradual white out or was it an explosion of white stars? Whatever way this thought transpired, the end result is F A B U L O U S.  As I looked for style inspiration, I noticed that white pump transcends across seasons, every dress length and all occasions.  These fashionable pumps can be worn with the most luxurious of trouser and the most distressed jean in the world. Some are even hailing the white pump as the new neutral. I am not quite ready to make that statement; however, I am willing to test it.

So the next time you bring out your easy breezy summer whites, do not forget to make your feet smile by encasing them in a bright white pump.

Until the next time…

Stay Lavish!

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What Would You Say?

Happy Holidays Lavish Lovelies! My hope is that you are enjoying the impending arrival of good ole Saint Nicholas.  I certainly am because I am soaking up every minute of my glorious time off (If you are a teacher…HOLLA!). Instead of totally indulging in  this season of eggnog and insane hustle and bustle, I have decided to take some time to get organized for the next year.

While cleaning drawers that have been severely neglected, I came across some photographs that I had not seen in a long while.  Oh, the memories!  I filtered through pictures of my baby when she was a baby, pictures of me and husband when we were young fine thangs (that is the Southern way of saying “things”), and multiple pictures of great holidays past.  I even uncovered a couple pictures of a very young me.  A me who had yet to discover her lavish.  A me whose eyes held tons of wonder and hope for the years to come.  As I gazed at the chubby little girl in the photo,  a question that I had previously heard came to mind: “What would my adult self say to my little girl self?” To keep it short and sweet…the answer was just five words.

Well, this question was too prolific (horn tooting..ha! ha!) to keep between me and myself. Soooo, I sent it to some members of my band of beauties (thank you…love you) and here are their responses:

Me: Stop fretting, you are favored

Buga: God will never fail you

Mom: Stay on your diet, Boo  ( only, my mother! remember, she is wild flower child)

Sweet Spirit: You are more than enough

Sister: My existence is enough justification (she is DEEP)

Bestie: Always keep candy on hand ( she DOES love a good candy apple)

C: Beloved! It’s gonna be something

Mrs. Wells: Put God first…do YOU

Wife: Stay fine your haters watchin (another wild child!)

Lavishites, I ask the same question to you.  “What would my adult self say to my little girl self?” Although I can not hear all of your answers, I am quite sure whatever the answer may be, it will awaken your awareness of how far you have come and how lavish the rest of your days shall be!

Happy Holidays!

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Wisdom by Coco

Several of my former fabulous students graduated from high school this past year.   I was elated when many of them reached out to request my attendance on their big day.  Some of these young adults where taught by me when they were precious 9 year olds. So, I was beyond humbled that they even remembered me much less wanted me to share in this momentous event.  My love ones almost broke the teacher bank when I began to purchase tokens of proudness from me.  I thought my right arm would need physical therapy from the rapid swiping at numerous retail checkouts! Forgive me…I digress. Back to the subject at hand.

For one particular fabulous former, a gift card or monogrammed towel set, or even cash just would not do.  I had to go grand for this one.  After racking my my brain for several hours, I decided to tap my inner lavish and think of what I would want from me if I were her.  Ah..Ha!!! Coffee table books!  So I raced online and ordered two great table top books that would hopefully represent how much I adored her.

As my fingers did the talking, I became intrigued by this being, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel better as known as Coco Chanel.  Her life story is an exceptionally inspiring story; however, it was her quotes that drew me in like a moth to a flame. I own many amazing Chanel pieces and will treasure them always.  But what I did not know is that Mademoiselle Chanel gives EVERY woman rules to life by in 20 words or less.  Such as  “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”  and “A woman should be two things: Classy and Fabulous”…those are just two of my favorites (there are so many more).  Second to the Bible, I now refer to Coco when I need instruction on how to act, react, and behave.

Lavish lovelies, if you are ever in doubt or need inspiration… first seek word from our Father then peruse over to Coco.  Those two are all you will ever need for success!  I wonder if the good book will ever be revised to add the book of Chanel…hmmm.  Now, that is a thought! Until then, I will add a Mademoiselle Coco Chanel coffee table book to my online shopping cart.

Now when presented with a sticky life situation, I will ask WWJ&CD (What Would Jesus & Coco Do)?! I am sure the answers will be spot on!

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