I Choose Joy

Greetings Lavish Ones!

What do you do when life is giving you a supermarket cart full of lemons? Many say make lemonade; I say to choose JOY.

I became a Girl Boss this year!   My new position is demanding (at times), challenging (sometimes), rewarding (all the time). I go full throttle most of the day and some of those days extremely long.  Is a 14 hour work day long?  Then yes…some days are long!  The mere fact that my dream came true is wonderfully and amazingly crazy to me!

But something strange happened as I was enjoying my new girl boss status.  I became overwhelmingly exhausted, irritable and a down right curmudgeon.  I found myself rolling out of bed instead springing out to get to the job that I adored and prayed so hard for.  It even became a chore to take photos (I live to stick my face in a picture) or to even craft a blog post.

What in the world was going on?!  I was not me. I was not laughing. I was NOT lavish.  Houston, we have a problem!!

I had to admit.. I received my blessing with open arms but I was reluctant to embrace the new burdens that came with it.  I have heard it said, “You can not receive a blessing and not be prepared for the burdens.”  Let me give an example that was shared with me.  Many are fortunate enough to give birth to a bundle of love; however, with that bundle comes sleepless nights, change in schedule, less time and money for a mani/pedi or to purchase the latest bag.  Some get so bogged down by the responsibilities; they are unable to find joy in the baby.  I am determined to enjoy my baby! Ummmm…not literally. Come off the roof, Husband!

I am committed to choose JOY in all things this Lavish life brings me. And I am quite confident you will too. Besides, being angry results in premature wrinkles. Now,  that is a burden!

Until the next time, have a great week and remain LAVISH!


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