Let’s Spice it Up!

Hello Lavish Lovelies! I know…I know. It has been a long time since I posted my favorites.  Don’t be too hard on me.  Hopefully, this will make up for the time we have been apart.

This favorite is an every time and all time obsession. I use it when I want to add a tad bit of spice to an ensemble.  This small piece of art can produce enormously beautiful results.  It comes in all colors, shapes, and designs. The price can take a couple bucks from your pocket or a large chunk from your savings. It can be stunningly simple or mesmerizingly complex.  By simply attaching this to your clothing, you can turn an outfit from Blah to Bling or morph a thrift find to runway couture.

What is this fabulous accessory…you ask?! It is a BROOCH! Oh how I love these things!  You can wear them in various ways to bring an instant slap of glamour to any outfit.  Brooches are also known as pins and fibulas.  They can be worn on a hat, attached to a sweater, fastened to a shirt collar, secured in fancy updo…the possibilities are ENDLESS.  Whatever you call them or choose to put them, there is no denying they are magnificent.

These photos are of my collection of my slice of accessory heaven. I have also provided a link to creative ideas on how maximize your styling spice.

Until we meet again…have a great week and remain LAVISH!


How to style your brooch: CLICK HERE or HERE

What Would You Say?

Happy Holidays Lavish Lovelies! My hope is that you are enjoying the impending arrival of good ole Saint Nicholas.  I certainly am because I am soaking up every minute of my glorious time off (If you are a teacher…HOLLA!). Instead of totally indulging in  this season of eggnog and insane hustle and bustle, I have decided to take some time to get organized for the next year.

While cleaning drawers that have been severely neglected, I came across some photographs that I had not seen in a long while.  Oh, the memories!  I filtered through pictures of my baby when she was a baby, pictures of me and husband when we were young fine thangs (that is the Southern way of saying “things”), and multiple pictures of great holidays past.  I even uncovered a couple pictures of a very young me.  A me who had yet to discover her lavish.  A me whose eyes held tons of wonder and hope for the years to come.  As I gazed at the chubby little girl in the photo,  a question that I had previously heard came to mind: “What would my adult self say to my little girl self?” To keep it short and sweet…the answer was just five words.

Well, this question was too prolific (horn tooting..ha! ha!) to keep between me and myself. Soooo, I sent it to some members of my band of beauties (thank you…love you) and here are their responses:

Me: Stop fretting, you are favored

Buga: God will never fail you

Mom: Stay on your diet, Boo  ( only, my mother! remember, she is wild flower child)

Sweet Spirit: You are more than enough

Sister: My existence is enough justification (she is DEEP)

Bestie: Always keep candy on hand ( she DOES love a good candy apple)

C: Beloved! It’s gonna be something

Mrs. Wells: Put God first…do YOU

Wife: Stay fine your haters watchin (another wild child!)

Lavishites, I ask the same question to you.  “What would my adult self say to my little girl self?” Although I can not hear all of your answers, I am quite sure whatever the answer may be, it will awaken your awareness of how far you have come and how lavish the rest of your days shall be!

Happy Holidays!

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Girl Power

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?!  Blessed…I hope.  As you know from my previous post, mine was full of food, laughter, and dancing (of course). Going to my home state during the Thanksgiving holiday is very important to my family and me. This holiday is our family’s Christmas.  The very short visit provides me with so much.  It gives me wind beneath my wings and the strength to make it the 364 days until we meet again.

Let me provide a tad bit of family history; our traditional Thanksgiving travel began out of tragedy with the death of my brother.  He received his angel wings the weekend before Thanksgiving and he is buried in the state where we were raised.  Our time together began as a grieving, then healing, and now celebration. As a matter of fact, the only males in our family…married into our family.  As a group of girls, we have lost our grandfathers, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, and cousins.

No No…do not feel sorrow for us. We are stronger for it.  The matriarch of our band of beauties (my grandmother) has lost every man who she loved and she has every right to be bitter. However, with each tragedy she became more tenacious…with every broken moment she became more bolder…with all the set backs she became stronger. She taught those traits to EACH one of us. Where as my mother taught me to embrace who I am; my grandmother taught me to be tough.  For that I am eternally grateful!

My family represents every facet on the spectrum…Middle Eastern, Black, White, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Biracial, Multiracial, business owners, leaders, students, supervisors, health care workers.  You name it; we got!  All women!! Although we are  different in  many ways, one thing is a constant.  We are strong! We are not easily broken! Sometimes we “give out” but we never “give up”! Still we rise!

Lavish ladies…no matter what cards life deals you there is an inner strength that is lying dormant. She will show herself when you least expect it.  I am here to tell you there is no situation that you CAN NOT walk through. Just stay strong because “Girl Power” is alive and well.

The few boys in our family mumble, grumble and complain about our loud estrogen filled Thanksgiving:  however, they are the first ones packed to get the party started…Hmmmm, I have a strange feeling that they secretly love it.


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