Hop in a Jumpsuit!

I hope all is beautiful, Lavish Loves!

Let’s talk about favorites.  My favorite obsession is a favorite every glamorous girl I know…the almighty jumpsuit.  Who in the world does not love a good jumpsuit?  An all in one ensemble…the woman’s version of an infant onesie!  Every woman I know has at least one in her closet.  But of course, you know I own a few more (Uggghhh..ME).  Note to self…I need to get an accurate count when husband is out of the house (Hee Hee).

The jumpsuit was originally a one piece garment designed for skydivers or parachuters, but low and behold, the gender that runs the world got wind of this idea (we make everything better).  Then this article of clothing morphed into a simple, chic, and fashionable must have (insert an AMEN).  There are so many variations of this piece of clothing; different arm/pant lengths and widths, multiple materials, and an abundance of embellishments.  Also, they are extremely budget friendly.  There is a jumpsuit out there tailored every lavish liking.  Therefore, is absolutely no reason not to own one or MANY.

So next time that you and your youngin need to get out of the house in a hurry, grab a onesie for the baby and one for yourself.  I promise you will be glamorously on the road in micro seconds!

Until the next time, have a great week and remain Lavish!

Jumpsuits~ Black (Trina Turk) // Blue (Ebay) //Pink (Asos) //Blue Paisley (H&M)

Links for my favorite places to purchase :  ASOS , H&M , MICHAEL KORS and TJ MAXX


I Choose Joy

Greetings Lavish Ones!

What do you do when life is giving you a supermarket cart full of lemons? Many say make lemonade; I say to choose JOY.

I became a Girl Boss this year!   My new position is demanding (at times), challenging (sometimes), rewarding (all the time). I go full throttle most of the day and some of those days extremely long.  Is a 14 hour work day long?  Then yes…some days are long!  The mere fact that my dream came true is wonderfully and amazingly crazy to me!

But something strange happened as I was enjoying my new girl boss status.  I became overwhelmingly exhausted, irritable and a down right curmudgeon.  I found myself rolling out of bed instead springing out to get to the job that I adored and prayed so hard for.  It even became a chore to take photos (I live to stick my face in a picture) or to even craft a blog post.

What in the world was going on?!  I was not me. I was not laughing. I was NOT lavish.  Houston, we have a problem!!

I had to admit.. I received my blessing with open arms but I was reluctant to embrace the new burdens that came with it.  I have heard it said, “You can not receive a blessing and not be prepared for the burdens.”  Let me give an example that was shared with me.  Many are fortunate enough to give birth to a bundle of love; however, with that bundle comes sleepless nights, change in schedule, less time and money for a mani/pedi or to purchase the latest bag.  Some get so bogged down by the responsibilities; they are unable to find joy in the baby.  I am determined to enjoy my baby! Ummmm…not literally. Come off the roof, Husband!

I am committed to choose JOY in all things this Lavish life brings me. And I am quite confident you will too. Besides, being angry results in premature wrinkles. Now,  that is a burden!

Until the next time, have a great week and remain LAVISH!


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