30 Random Facts About Yours Truly

Happy end of Summer, Lavish Ones!

I decided to write a little bit more about me.  Here are 30 random facts about yours truly.  Hopefully this will help you to get to know the lavish loving woman behind the keyboard.

*Prior to 3 years ago, I did not have any active forms of social media.

*I still refuse to indulge in FaceBook.

*I am left handed.

*My height is 5″2

*I do not like to walk on my bare feet (slippers or socks are a must).

*I love the smell of rubbing alcohol.

*Black is my favorite color; I own 57 pairs of black pants and 17 black turtlenecks (Uhhhhh, Me).

*I have a terrible sweet tooth (anything sugary…I am down for it), and I am a really good cook.

*My favorite flower is the Tulip.

*I am the oldest of three and the first grandchild.

*My sister, brother, and I had our children in the order we were born. Me (first), sister (next),  brother (last).

* We each have one daughter who were born 8 years apart, and each of their names begin with “E”.

*I am completely OBSESSED with my dog; he is also my selfie partner!

*My mother is a master hair stylist; I can barely comb my hair.

*Korean is my favorite cuisine (Kimchi, anyone?).

*I drink coffee in the mornings, tea at night and indulge in soda maybe four times a year.

*I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer when I was younger (some of you will have to look that one up).

*My family has a long line of military service; however, I am the first female to join (YAY to Girl Power).

*Two of best friends both have the same first name.

*Puerto Rico is my favorite vacation spot!

*Imagine me as a cheerleader and on the dance team in high school because I was.

*I can eat an entire Family Bag of Skinny Pop in one sitting and eat cough drops like they are candy (Honey Lemon please).

*Janet Jackson is my Birthday Twin.

*Besides being a mother and wife, being a teacher is my life’s work and my complete joy.

*I hold a Bachelors, two Masters, and an Educational Specialist degree (YAY.. once again to Girl Power).

*To say that I am an Investigation Discovery Addict is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

*I make my bed every morning.

*Singing is something that I CAN NOT do (husband regularly reminds me).

*I am totally high maintenance ( Yes! I said it.)

*I am an unashamed unapologetic woman of faith! I owe all that I am and all that I have to GOD!



One thought on “30 Random Facts About Yours Truly

  1. Loved getting to know you sis! I’m a fan of your style and you have great accomplishments. You are inspiring to me. I’m happy to know you through social media . I remember the solid gold and the dancers lol. Have a blessed Sunday!.

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