Do Not Forget About Your White Pumps.

Happy Summer Lavish Ones!

I am sure that you have pulled out all of your lovely bright white maxi dresses, tank tops, halters, shorts, and accessories.  Well, while you are getting all of your beautiful whites out, do not forget about your white pumps.

I never gave much thought to anything white below the ankle (excluding a great white sneaker).  I often equated white pumps to my high school graduation.  We were mandated to wear them or we would NOT prance across that stage.  I am from Texas, so we do everything big or go home (figuratively and literally).

I am not sure when my feet began to tingle at the thought of white pumps.  Was it a gradual white out or was it an explosion of white stars? Whatever way this thought transpired, the end result is F A B U L O U S.  As I looked for style inspiration, I noticed that white pump transcends across seasons, every dress length and all occasions.  These fashionable pumps can be worn with the most luxurious of trouser and the most distressed jean in the world. Some are even hailing the white pump as the new neutral. I am not quite ready to make that statement; however, I am willing to test it.

So the next time you bring out your easy breezy summer whites, do not forget to make your feet smile by encasing them in a bright white pump.

Until the next time…

Stay Lavish!

Provided below are links to my to other favorites and how to style white pumps:
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I Am Awake and Desire Some Cake!

It is my BIRTHDAY month and everyone who knows me knows that I love my birthday!  I literally become intoxicated with all the birthday wishes, gifts, dinners/lunches, but most importantly the birthday cake.  I love me some birthday cake! Any flavor will do, as long as, it is baked in my honor (Ha…sometimes I amuse myself!).

The reason I love my birthday is not for narcissistic reasons (insert husband’s, daughter’s, AND dog’s side eye). The reason I adore the day on which I was born is that I am alive to celebrate it; however, I  don’t just mean (alive) in the physical sense.  I am alive spiritually, relationally, emotionally, politically, mentally, financially… (I could go on all day).

This aliveness is what (I suppose) the younger generation refers to being WOKE.  If that is the case, then I am “full pot of coffee woke”.  And because of this “wokeness”, I celebrate the fact that I have been graced with one more year. I have another year to right my wrongs, perfect my rights, access my surroundings, be thankful for the doors that closed and karate kick other doors wide open.

Being “woke” is absolutely necessary for growth and all of us need (and should desire) growth. Now, let me tell you…being “awake” is not always fun nor is it easy.  Sometimes, it is downright brutal.  However, I would rather be a woman who is alive and awake than a sleeping woman who is out of touch with every facet of life (except my bed).

In this next year, I look forward to all of the great things that are in store and all of the reasons I will have to celebrate.  Also while I am “awake” and aware, I pledge to find peace and gloriousness in EVERY. SINGLE. THING…including this 1,000 calorie birthday cake that I am about to stuff into my face.

Until the next time…

Stay Lavish!


Dress (New)~Vici // Shoes~God //Bracelet (Gifted)~J.Crew


Dress (New)~Vici // Shoes~God //Bracelet (Gifted)~J.Crew

Instantly Beautiful

Hola, mujeres hermosas (In other words….Hello Beautiful women).  As part of my “goal getter” mentality, I am learning Spanish, BUT it is going very very slow (Ugghhhhh…Me)

One day I was having a chat with my friend, C.  During the conversation, she asked me an amazingly prolific question. “What is the one thing you can put on that will INSTANTLY make you feel beautiful?” Huh…Crickets.  Well this caused me to really think.  I am so so much with an enormous beauty routine, and multiple rituals (so I have been told).  How in the world could I choose ONE thing?  But my one instant beauty came to mind…a turtleneck (do not judge… Ha Ha Ha).  When I slip that contraption on, I immediately feel like a classic beauty.  I love a turtleneck in ALL forms.  Give me long sleeve, sleeveless, 3/4 length sleeve, ribbed, cotton, racerback, chunky, no matter the form, just give them all to me.  However, I really love black, but I will take whatever I can get my hands on (LOL).

Once again, this was a question was too delicious to keep to myself.  So you know I surveyed my gorgeous girls (hey y’all).  Here is what some of them said.

C – Banana Republic Classic Perfume

La’Missy – A good fitted jacket (Indeed)

Wife – Serious pair of fitted jeans

Mom – Earrings

Bestie – A new pair of zapatos (shoes) I am bilingual…remember

Old E – Lip Gloss

Kat – A fresh weave (Amen)

When I asked the question and received the answers, I was simply amazed because not one of these lavish ladies said the same thing.  Seriously!  I loved getting more insight into the women that I adore. Isn’t it mind boggling how many different things we consider beautiful and the great thing is that we are all correct. I have come to the conclusion through my many years of living and conversing with the wonderful women who surround me is the most beautiful thing is being YOURSELF.

Lavishites, put on your turtleneck, spray on your perfume, slip on those new shoes, flip that fresh weave…whatever makes you feel beautifully confident and step high! Own your uniqueness and you will never go wrong.

Before I depart, everyone say a collective “thank you” to C for starting this great conversation. She is one smart cookie!

Hasta la proxima vez…ALWAYS remain lavish