Girl Power

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?!  Blessed…I hope.  As you know from my previous post, mine was full of food, laughter, and dancing (of course). Going to my home state during the Thanksgiving holiday is very important to my family and me. This holiday is our family’s Christmas.  The very short visit provides me with so much.  It gives me wind beneath my wings and the strength to make it the 364 days until we meet again.

Let me provide a tad bit of family history; our traditional Thanksgiving travel began out of tragedy with the death of my brother.  He received his angel wings the weekend before Thanksgiving and he is buried in the state where we were raised.  Our time together began as a grieving, then healing, and now celebration. As a matter of fact, the only males in our family…married into our family.  As a group of girls, we have lost our grandfathers, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, and cousins.

No No…do not feel sorrow for us. We are stronger for it.  The matriarch of our band of beauties (my grandmother) has lost every man who she loved and she has every right to be bitter. However, with each tragedy she became more tenacious…with every broken moment she became more bolder…with all the set backs she became stronger. She taught those traits to EACH one of us. Where as my mother taught me to embrace who I am; my grandmother taught me to be tough.  For that I am eternally grateful!

My family represents every facet on the spectrum…Middle Eastern, Black, White, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Biracial, Multiracial, business owners, leaders, students, supervisors, health care workers.  You name it; we got!  All women!! Although we are  different in  many ways, one thing is a constant.  We are strong! We are not easily broken! Sometimes we “give out” but we never “give up”! Still we rise!

Lavish ladies…no matter what cards life deals you there is an inner strength that is lying dormant. She will show herself when you least expect it.  I am here to tell you there is no situation that you CAN NOT walk through. Just stay strong because “Girl Power” is alive and well.

The few boys in our family mumble, grumble and complain about our loud estrogen filled Thanksgiving:  however, they are the first ones packed to get the party started…Hmmmm, I have a strange feeling that they secretly love it.


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