To be or not to be…

A few days ago I was having a wonderful catch up conversation with a dear friend, C.  C ,who also turned 50 this year, has become empty nester and she is embracing her new life wholeheartedly. So much so that she was late for work 3 times out of a five day work week because of peacefully oversleeping! That’s my girl!!!

As we continued to chat, my mind began to drift to our plight as women.  Women regardless of race, nationality, or marital status are conditioned to wear multiple hats… chef, nanny, house keeper, doctor, moral compass, spiritual guide, wage earner…all while maintaining our “eye candy” status. And the world be damned if we drop the ball on one of these important jobs.  We are groomed to be selfless. We are reared to be everything to everyone except OURSELVES. I frown at the thought.

I remember a quote I heard long ago “Men may work from sun to sun, but a woman’ s work in NEVER done.” I existed under this mantra until my beautiful daughter became grown & gone (insert an Irish jig).  After I deemed her a responsible adult, I hopped in my SUV, got a mani/pedi and proceeded to buy out the entire mall.  I have not looked back since!

To be or not to be SELFISH that is the question.  I believe women have to selfish at times to remain selfless.  Listen, I do not suggest that you follow my lead and go insane. However, I do think a girl’s night out, a vacation, spa day, or quite night alone is due considering all the irons women have in the fire. Remember Lavish Lovelies, if you are not at your best you can not give your best. Now…go forth and indulge in a nice massage (ALONE).



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