Seasons of Change

Hello Lavish Land!

Summer is ending and Fall is quickly approaching.  Some  (including me) are excitedly awaiting this change of season while others dreading are less sunny days and more layers of clothing.

As I  prepare my closet for the impending weather change…adding cardigans and scarfs while subtracting sleeveless maxis and short sexy shorts…you know, tedious stuff like that… I began to think how life is just like my ever exploding closet (Sorry Husband). Adjusting myself to meet the needs of the season.

Just as passing months bring the change of seasons, life brings about seasons of change.  There are times when life throws so many lemons that you don’t have the energy to make lemonade.   Everyone says “enter lemons…exit that sweet tarty drink”.  What if you don’t like lemonade?!  What is supposed to happen then?!

Then there are times when life is so fabulous that everything you touch turns to gold, sterling silver, or rose gold (whichever you prefer).  So good that, when you enter a room time stops, the winds begin to blow, and your theme music starts.  These are are glorious times indeed!

Well, with both of these times have one thing in common.  They will change.

There are a few things that keep me balanced in times of famine and time of feast. First, exercising my faith.  Faith.. a word so small; however, the meaning is so huge.  It helps me to stay grounded, humble, grateful, and prepared.  Secondly, taking time for me. Taking time to be quiet and wait on clarity for my next move or a voice that says…stay where you are.  Finally, have a good laugh with family, students, or girl tribe.  Laughter will always change the atmosphere!

Just as you must prepare for the changing of the natural seasons….you must do the same for the changes in your life.  How you do that is totally up to you. Just do it!

Also, May I add that including a great Moscato, an awesome bag, or fabulous new ensemble always make a gloomy day bright and a bright day shine even brighter.  Ooooooh, I just imagined all three at the same time…my soul can not contain the joy!!

Let’s toast to all seasons of the life and a magnificent fall warbrobe! Clink…Clink…Clink

Until the next time…Stay Lavish


You Get a Scarf…You Get a Scarf…You Get a Scarf

Hello Ole Lavish Ones!

My obsession this season is everyone’s obsession.  Scarves, scarves and more scarves.  These accessories are a staple in for any woman in the fall and winter months…rightfully and fashionably so.

The origin of the scarf was to clean one’s self rather than to keep warm. They were worn by male soldiers to wipe the sweat off their face and necks during hot weather.  Hmmmm…it seems that all accessories were first designed for men; however, women took over and make them incredibly fabulous (just another example of Girl Power)! So fashionable and versatile these pieces of cloth are. They are worn for warmth, cleanliness, religion, or just plain style.  Whether you choose to rock it around your neck, on your head, around your waist, tied to a belt or handbag, used a shirt or sarrong…Girl,  it is all good!

Just as everything I love, I have way too many (yes, I admit it…LOL). But scarves are an investment and not an expense; they will never go out of style. That is my truth and I am sticking with it. Oooo Husband, I hope you are listening!

Do yourself a favor, make it a point this week to add a couple of scarves to your ensemble.  You will love yourself for it and others will be in awe of your style! Remember… No matter why you wear it or how you rock it, wear it with confidence while ALWAYS channeling your inner lavish.

Below are photos of me and some of the ways I have worn my scarves.  Also, there are links on how to tie them and other amazing ways to design them.

Until next time, have a great week and remain lavish!

25 Ways to Tie a scarf || 20 Ways to wear and tie your scarf ||15 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

Let’s Spice it Up!

Hello Lavish Lovelies! I know…I know. It has been a long time since I posted my favorites.  Don’t be too hard on me.  Hopefully, this will make up for the time we have been apart.

This favorite is an every time and all time obsession. I use it when I want to add a tad bit of spice to an ensemble.  This small piece of art can produce enormously beautiful results.  It comes in all colors, shapes, and designs. The price can take a couple bucks from your pocket or a large chunk from your savings. It can be stunningly simple or mesmerizingly complex.  By simply attaching this to your clothing, you can turn an outfit from Blah to Bling or morph a thrift find to runway couture.

What is this fabulous accessory…you ask?! It is a BROOCH! Oh how I love these things!  You can wear them in various ways to bring an instant slap of glamour to any outfit.  Brooches are also known as pins and fibulas.  They can be worn on a hat, attached to a sweater, fastened to a shirt collar, secured in fancy updo…the possibilities are ENDLESS.  Whatever you call them or choose to put them, there is no denying they are magnificent.

These photos are of my collection of my slice of accessory heaven. I have also provided a link to creative ideas on how maximize your styling spice.

Until we meet again…have a great week and remain LAVISH!


How to style your brooch: CLICK HERE or HERE

Wisdom by Coco

Several of my former fabulous students graduated from high school this past year.   I was elated when many of them reached out to request my attendance on their big day.  Some of these young adults where taught by me when they were precious 9 year olds. So, I was beyond humbled that they even remembered me much less wanted me to share in this momentous event.  My love ones almost broke the teacher bank when I began to purchase tokens of proudness from me.  I thought my right arm would need physical therapy from the rapid swiping at numerous retail checkouts! Forgive me…I digress. Back to the subject at hand.

For one particular fabulous former, a gift card or monogrammed towel set, or even cash just would not do.  I had to go grand for this one.  After racking my my brain for several hours, I decided to tap my inner lavish and think of what I would want from me if I were her.  Ah..Ha!!! Coffee table books!  So I raced online and ordered two great table top books that would hopefully represent how much I adored her.

As my fingers did the talking, I became intrigued by this being, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel better as known as Coco Chanel.  Her life story is an exceptionally inspiring story; however, it was her quotes that drew me in like a moth to a flame. I own many amazing Chanel pieces and will treasure them always.  But what I did not know is that Mademoiselle Chanel gives EVERY woman rules to life by in 20 words or less.  Such as  “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”  and “A woman should be two things: Classy and Fabulous”…those are just two of my favorites (there are so many more).  Second to the Bible, I now refer to Coco when I need instruction on how to act, react, and behave.

Lavish lovelies, if you are ever in doubt or need inspiration… first seek word from our Father then peruse over to Coco.  Those two are all you will ever need for success!  I wonder if the good book will ever be revised to add the book of Chanel…hmmm.  Now, that is a thought! Until then, I will add a Mademoiselle Coco Chanel coffee table book to my online shopping cart.

Now when presented with a sticky life situation, I will ask WWJ&CD (What Would Jesus & Coco Do)?! I am sure the answers will be spot on!

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